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Discover what your financial power is with the help of Real Estate Marketing. Our real estate agents will take the time to help you determine what you can and can't afford and help you budget for your new home.

Learn more about our real estate practicies and policies. At Real Estate Marketing, we are professionals at recruiting, training and registering a large network of real estate professionals that we rely on.

Are you trying to buy or sell your home in the near future? It can be a confusing and stressful process. Whether you are a first-time homeowner or you've sold a few houses, Real Estate Marketing is here to answer all of your questions and guide you.

Welcome to Real Estate Marketing

Patrick Apodaca formed Marketing Masters Real Estate, Inc., Albuquerque NM in 1990. Over 3,300 HUD homes in all 32 New Mexico counties were listed and sold since 1999 by Patrick.


At Real Estate Marketing, we recruit, train, register and maintain a network of real estate professionals for:


  • How to sell HUD homes, all 32 New Mexico counties VA Homes, REO’s and regular residential homes.

  • Developing and maintaining an effective advertising plan to assist clients in the deposition of current and future assets.

  • Developing and delivering intermediate level educational seminars to real estate licensees regarding HUD policies and procedures

  • Provide public seminars to educate individuals and groups of low to moderate income potential home buyers on how to aquire HUD homes.

  • Instruct and supervise other trainers within our company. Develop and deliver seminars on foreclosure prevention to help elevate future assets and assist and educate public housing counseling agencies that are available.


Real Estate Marketing has designed and delivered seminars to over 2,000 licensees in all 32 New Mexico counties statewide. We have built and maintained a network of listing broker subcontractors, ensuring compliance and performance in an internet-based marketing program for over 3,280 HUD owned homes sold to date.

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